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Badatz Guide for Purim‎ הלכות ומנהגי פורים‎

For a PDF of the Day-to-Day Halachic Guide for Purim 5784 By Horav  Yosef Yeshaya Braun , shlita, member of the Badatz of Crown Heights   Includes laws, customs and inspiration to make your Purim this year as joyful, insightful and easy as possible. Also:   Laws of Intoxication for damages, tefillos and brachos. Laws of Hatov Vehameitiv, special brachah on wine. The printed version of the guide includes the Manual for Megillah Mess-ups, a tikkun korim with the most important pronunciations highlighted. Click Hebrew  link  English  link The guide is for sale at all our regular Crown Heights locations.  Not in Crown Heights? Check out the the Day-to-Day Anash Community Distribution page on  for local and out of town sale locations and contact info. Happy Purim!