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The Day to Day Halachah Guide is available nine times throughout the year: Tishrei (Part I & II), Chanukah, Purim, Pesach (Part I & II), Shavuos and Bein Hameitzarim (Part I & II).

Bulk Order pricing available upon request.

Guides are sold in these Anash communities:

Partial list:

Larry Ziffer

Boro Park
Bais Menachem Chabad Boro Park
4814 16th Ave


Chicago (Roger's Park)

Crown Heights
Merkoz Stam, Kahan's Superette, Judaica World, Hamefitz, Kettle & Cord, Kol Tuv, Empire Kosher, Marketplace.

South Florida

Kingston, PA

Lakewood, NJ
Heichal Menachem 814 E County Line Rd

Long Beach, CA

More places in Los Angeles coming...


Montreal, Canada
Details to follow...

Morristown, NJ
Details to follow...


Phoenix, AZ

Pomona, NY
Details to follow...

Toronto, Canada
Details to follow...

More places in Fl coming...

Is your location not listed? Become an ambassador for the Day to Day Halachah Guide in your community by contacting


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