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The Day to Day Halachah Guide is available nine times throughout the year: Chanukah, Purim, Pesach (Part I & II), Shavuos and Bein Hameitzarim (Part I & II), Tishrei (Part I & II).

Bulk Order pricing available upon request.

Guides are sold in these Anash communities:

Partial list:

Albany, NY
Rabbi Mendy Mathless

Atlanta, GA*

Baltimore, MD
Contact Larry Ziffer: Four-Four-Three 904-5900

Boro Park
Bais Menachem Chabad Boro Park
4814 16th Ave

Boston, MA
Israel Book Shop

Buffalo, NY

Cincinnati, OH
Rabbi Avtzon

Chicago (Roger's Park)

Cleveland, OH*

Coral Springs, FL
Chabad of Coral Springs

Crown Heights
Merkoz Stam, Kahan's Superette, Judaica World, Hamefitz, Kettle & Cord, Kol Tuv, Empire Kosher, Marketplace.

Five Towns
Chabad of Five Towns


South Florida

More S. FL locations coming soon


Kingston, PA

Lakewood, NJ
Heichal Menachem 814 E County Line Rd

Long Beach, CA*

Los Angeles, CA
Atara's Judaica
Pico: Beis Betzalel
More locations coming soon

Mequon, WI

Montreal, Canada*

Morristown, NJ*

New Haven, CT
Rabbi Avi Dagan

Pamona, NY*

Chabad of Penn Wynne

Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR

Postville, IA
Chabad shul

Teaneck, NJ*

Toronto, Canada*

Is your location not listed? Become an ambassador for the Day to Day Halachah Guide in your community by contacting

*contact us for more info on these locations.


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